Fidos Fashions by Kevin Heady Design
There is no denying that for animal lovers, our pets are more than just pets; they are our friends and our family. Products like dog beds, dog sweaters, and even dog spas and resorts have been around for years allowing people to spoil their canine companions.
Staying up to the minute with the latest fashion is something we all attempt for our own wardrobes, but now with The Heady Studio’s new line of upscale dog collars, you can also share that flair for fashion with your dogs and cats.
This fashionable canine accessory is meant to make a statement for you and your dog. These chic collars will clearly say: my dog is my friend who deserves to be dressed in the finest designs.
With designs created by well-known jewelry designer Kevin Heady, the collars are hand fabricated to provide years of enjoyment in exotic materials such as genuine American Alligator to custom boot and shoe standards.
Kevin Heady is the owner and designer of The Heady Studio, which he began in 2004. With a Marketing and Real Estate degree from Baylor University he honed his business skills in the private sector before launching The Heady Studio, trained as a metalsmith creating in gold, sterling and platinum, Heady began designing jewelry 30 years ago. Today, after many years working within the wholesale fashion industry and seeing a growing need for upscale contemporary accessories, Heady designs beautiful collections of jewelry which can be found at various retailers thruout the country as well as His latest creation....sophisticated dog accessories can be found at select fashion oriented retailers as well as specialty pet boutiques.
Kevin, committed to philanthropy and very active in numerous charitable organizations has instigated trunk and art shows for the American Heart Association, Zachary Scott Theatre, The Paramount Theatre, Breast Cancer Resource Center as well as numerous other worthwhile causes. He currently serves on several boards and committees of various non-profits.
His upscale women’s custom jewelry has been on display in both the Museum of Modern Art in New York City and in The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, where both won competitions. These beautiful pet accessories are sure to follow suit-